Data protection – a subject which affects every business!

In the European Union companies and institutions are subject to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), BDSG [Federal Data Protection Act], the data protection legislation enacted by individual federal states, and ecclesiastical data protection regulations. This basically affects all companies and institutions where personal data is stored and processed electronically or on paper – which also includes, for example, doctors' practices, pharmacies, tax consultants, craft businesses, and associations or clubs.

The data protection requirements are exacting, irrespective of the size of the business. They apply across the board, from one-man businesses to public limited companies with thousands of staff. Having a holistic data protection concept ensures that these requirements are met.

The appointment of a Data Protection Officer is a legal requirement if ten or more employees process personal data. If fewer than ten employees are involved in the storage and processing of personal data, it is nonetheless advisable to appoint a Data Protection Officer. This makes it easier for the company to undertake the necessary coordination with the responsible authorities.

The data protection concept is also important for the suppliers and partners of large businesses. This is because large businesses attach great importance to their suppliers also adhering to compliance rules. Data protection is reviewed in areas where compliance is a requirement.

hilt evolution reviews the level of data protection that you have in place and produces an analysis which shows you straight away where you are already complying with the legal regulations, and where more still needs to be done. We develop a pragmatic programme of measures and we also undertake the legally compliant training of the staff who are affected. We help you with the continual improvement of your data protection arrangements in line with legal requirements.