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This is how my clients rate my work

Chamber elections of the Medical Chambers of Baden-Württemberg
"The chamber elections of the district medical chambers in Baden-Württemberg take place every four years. Previously the votes of the approx. 70,000 doctors eligible to vote in four district medical chambers were counted manually. This comprehensive procedure involved a considerable staff effort and took over two weeks. Together with hilt evolution, we have developed a concept for an electronic evaluation process that takes the complex requirements of the chamber elections into account, and saves both time and money. The result: in 2014, the chamber elections in Baden-Württemberg could be counted and completed within just four days.

It involved a one-off Germany-wide project, in which hilt evolution created the concept specification and the corresponding documentation. In addition, hilt evolution has played a significant role in the selection of the right service providers and the preparation of the project cost calculation. The whole project was a huge success for the chambers in Baden-Württemberg and it is ideally suited for the future thanks to scalability, even in the case of higher numbers of voters and increasing turnout. Edmund Hilt supervised the project with his extensive experience in an extremely reliable and professional manner throughout all the phases, right up until the successful conclusion."

Interim Management
"In 2014 Markem-Imaje acquired the company Heidelberg CSAT GmbH – a highly innovative engineering company for digital printing solutions.

Edmund Hilt stepped in as Interim General Manager of the new Markem-Imaje CSAT GmbH. Edmund supported the global integration team to drive the change management process to include the new company into the worldwide Markem-Imaje company structure.
The company’s name hilt evolution accurately describes the attitude and philosophy of Edmund Hilt: pro-actively driving change and evolution of a company and its individuals. Edmund Hilt managed the team and kept them motivated to succeed in reaching the agreed upon targets.
After implementing the changes he successfully passed over the responsibility to the new Markem-Imaje CSAT Operations Manager."

Data protection audit and employee training courses: we trust Edmund Hilt
"We have already worked successfully with Edmund Hilt for years on data protection and IT projects.

After the last data protection audit, it became clear that the employees' and colleagues' use of the software programs and IT systems is a data-protection weak spot. As a result, we worked together with hilt evolution to develop a training plan. All of our employees and the management were trained in using our Office software by Edmund Hilt personally in a number of workshops. There was also a briefing on data protection and the risks of the internet.

By doing this, we have ensured an improvement in the level of knowledge and more efficient working methods with the systems in our company, and at the same time sensitized the employees to the issues involved in handling personal data and the risks of the internet.

We are working continually with Edmund Hilt on maintaining and improving our data protection. We are therefore taking responsibility for ensuring that our employees can develop and improve their knowledge further. After all, nowadays training on many important data protection topics still often falls short of the mark."

Comprehensive protection in our medical practice
"For many years, Edmund Hilt has personally taken care of data protection and QM issues in our group practice. With the introduction of the data protection concept, we increased the safety and sensitivity of all our employees and practitioners. What's more, our QM system was significantly improved – we see the benefits every day!"

hilt evolution: a strong partner for all QM and data protection issues
"Edmund Hilt was the Managing Director of MetaComp GmbH for years and knows our customer's problems and requirements like the back of his hand. Since setting up hilt evolution on his own in 2013, he has supported us with all of our questions about data protection and quality management. 

We regularly visit our customers together. Edmund Hilt takes responsibility for checking our customers' data protection levels as well as the detailed concept development for compliance with the legal requirements of the German Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz). The employees at MetaComp then implement the technical security measures in the customer's IT landscape."

PC crash: emergency data rescue on the fly
"Suddenly all my data was gone! Shock!
Furious, I told a friend about my emergency. She immediately knew what to advise: Edmund Hilt had already helped her with various IT problems. As a former data rescue expert, Edmund Hilt was actually successful where others saw only obstacles and no hope. He even managed to rescue data from burned hard drives. I immediately dialled his number and received direct help. He dealt with my emergency quickly and discreetly with the right level of attention, so I knew I was in the right hands.

I handed over my sensitive, but no longer accessible data along with my laptop. After just one day of analysis, I received his call with the good news: all of the data could be rescued. That took a huge weight off my mind!
After just one more day, I was able to collect my laptop and the rescued data. It doesn't bear thinking about what would have happened if the data had been lost forever. Since that experience, I have worked together with Edmund Hilt with a great deal of confidence. I trust his IT recommendations and I'm very happy to recommend him to others." 

hilt evolution stands for diligence and reliability
"We are happy to rely on the comprehensive expertise of Edmund Hilt for our customers' complex IT project documentation and public tenders.

Here we are certain that documentation and calculations are meticulously accurate and professionally prepared and that they prepare us excellently for successful negotiations with customers."

Quick and reliable solutions for IT problems
"Everyone knows what it is like when a PC goes on strike and suddenly stops working.

As the owner of a limited company and a practice for osteopathy and alternative health practices, I want to spend time helping my patients and customers and to waste as little time as possible with bureaucracy. This means that I am reliant on all my IT programs functioning at 100 percent – and when that isn't the case, that there is a reliable person who can solve the problem quickly and unbureaucratically for me. Edmund Hilt has already rescued me in several situations, whether that involved replacing old database programs with new ones, restoring lost e-mails or completely setting up a new computer as quickly as possible. Mr Hilt has my absolute confidence when it comes to my IT and my sensitive data."

My virtual bodyguard
"The recurring scandals surrounding the interception of communications and data confirm my belief that I shouldn't wait until disaster strikes, but should take action to protect both me and my customers. Cutting-edge technology, and professionals like ‘hilt evolution’, are available for this.

Edmund Hilt is my virtual bodyguard. As a technology and security professional he ensures that I am always ideally protected and that no-one can easily give me a 'virtual' knock-out blow. In addition, he advises me about IT processes and structures as well as general data protection issues, he coordinates management tasks, and he always assists me by suggesting up-to-date, new and creative solutions.

The most important thing
Thanks to him my electronic systems are clearly structured and secured: against hacking, and in the event of PC crashes, technical faults or if other hazards arise. There are not many people who operate with such meticulous care and precision, and with such discernment. But that is precisely what I need when it comes to my data and my security.”

"Following the audit, carried out by Edmund Hilt, a specific implementation plan was drawn up. QM and data protection were closely integrated in it. We were astonished to see just how quickly someone from outside the company can contribute to simplifying and safeguarding our operative business processes."

"For years now we have received the best possible service from Edmund Hilt in person in relation to data protection and IT-related issues as well as project assignments. We attach great importance to the flexibility of the service provider when it comes to these matters." 

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