Specifications / requirements documents

It is often difficult to adapt individual software solutions to the company's needs because IT specialists do not "speak the same language" as the future users. My experience gained over many years in this field enables me to form the bridge between development and the users: I draw up the specifications / requirements documents which contain on the one hand the functions which the client wants, and which on the other hand are understandable to the developers as well as being technically feasible.
I review existing specifications / requirements documents and work out any changes that are needed.

Software engineering

In collaboration with my software partners and based on the specifications that have been drawn up, I develop software according to your wishes, e.g. web applications, control software, apps.
I will be happy to undertake project management for you, from the initial requirement to test installations and the handover of the software that is ready for mass production. Here too I follow the principle of evolution as the route to success.