Successful implementation of your data protection concept

We recommend implementing a data protection concept in 3 stages:

1st step: Audit
Firstly, I carry out an analysis and determine the current level of data protection in your company.
You then receive detailed documentation relating to the ACTUAL status of your company, including an evaluation in the form of graphs and tables. We will be happy to provide you with an example of the documentation relating to a audit analysis at any time.

2nd step: Defining the measures, estimating the timescale, and project planning
Once the results of the audit are available, you can clearly see the weak points in your data protection arrangements. In the second step I devise corrective and improvement measures with you, I check the resources that are required as well as the costs involved, and I draw up a rough implementation plan.
I naturally agree the detail of all the plans with you.

3rd step: Implementing the measures according to the project plan
Once the appropriate agreement has been obtained, we jointly launch the implementation of the required measures. During this process you can not only rely on my technical expertise and that of my partner companies, but you can also entrust the coordination of the project and monitoring of deadlines to me.