hilt evolution provides the following management services:

Interim management

Is the business about to be passed on to the next generation? Has a key role in the company unexpectedly become vacant with no possibility of finding a replacement quickly?
Interim management is a quick and simple solution in cases like this: you appoint an experienced manager for the transitional period who ensures that the business runs smoothly and then carries out a professional handover to the successor so that no time is lost. I will be happy to provide you with further advice about this.

Change management / evolution management

By their nature, people do not always welcome change with open arms, and we sometimes find it difficult.
Change is a daily challenge for us. No company is exempt from it. In order to be able to stay at the forefront of their field, companies should plan and manage their own change and evolution professionally.
This is because: "Once you stop improving you're no longer any good" (Philip Rosenthal).
We place emphasis on holistic support and mentoring to help you plan and implement your change processes. Our approach also always takes account of the interpersonal relationships of the people involved. Experience shows that using external mentors produces better results from change projects.

Project management

Professional project management ensures that the desired results are achieved – without extensive reworking, and within budget. However, the demands of day-to-day business mean that it is often virtually impossible for the key team within a company to manage projects successfully as a "sideline" activity.
hilt evolution can provide support services for you in each project phase so as to get your business-critical projects (back) on track: these range from transparent planning to the coordination and management of resources, as well as the monitoring of the results and costs at agreed control points. You get the benefit of my many years' of experience of working in international companies, and also of the experience of best practice in various sectors which I and my partner companies can contribute. We will also be pleased to provide your staff with professional coaching so that they can expand and permanently assimilate the abilities required for successful project management.