We help you to optimise your internal processes

Quality management

Nowadays a quality management system is mandatory for many companies, for example for doctors' practices and suppliers of companies which are certified according to the DIN ISO 9000 series of standards. For other companies, having a properly functioning quality management system is simply a major competitive advantage.
Nevertheless, implementing a QM system using only one's own staff who lack experience in this field involves considerable time and effort, particularly for small and medium-sized companies.
If you would like to introduce a QM system, you can make use of my expertise, and that of my partners, in this field too: we provide help with the organising and documenting of the business processes, the selection of suitable tools, and with certification according to relevant standards. We train your staff so that following its introduction they are able to take over the running of the system themselves.

Business process analysis

Even if you do not wish to introduce a quality management system, the analysis and optimisation of business processes can produce great benefits for your company:
I analyse your business processes from the objective perspective of an outsider, and I critically examine the processes to which everyone has become so accustomed. It is precisely the critical view from outside that enables you to identify weaknesses and scope for improvement, to initiate changes, and to facilitate the successful process of evolution.