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Welcome to the hilt evolution site

Evolution means continual change and development. Evolution is crucial to the survival of every company.
hilt evolution helps you to continually enhance your processes in the field of data protection, information security and quality management, and to adapt them to the legal regulations and the requirements of your markets and customers.


We analyse the current status regarding data protection, information security and quality management in your company, and we compare it with the legal regulations and standards. Once we have carried out the review and established the changes that need to be made to your processes and IT systems, we advise you how to best to undertake them.
hilt evolution can if necessary also act as your Data Protection Officer, a post which is a legal requirement.


Are you concerned that you don't have the time to run a data protection or QM project alongside your day-to-day business, and also that you don't know the service providers that you need to use? We will be happy to assist you in this area too: if you like, we can undertake all the project management, including the scheduling, the coordination of the necessary IT service providers, and the training of the staff who are affected. Completion of the project is followed by handover to the person who is to be responsible for it in future.


Sometimes it is necessary to alter the IT infrastructure and specific business processes in order to transact one's own core business more efficiently. To cater for this we have access to professional IT service providers which will make the appropriate changes to your hardware and software according to our instructions. This involves us examining your specific situation in detail and developing concepts which are tailor-made for your requirements. You therefore only purchase the services that you actually need.

Free and without any obligation: initial discussion regarding data protection including a brief analysis of the extent to which action is required in your company.
Give me a call so that we can arrange a meeting: +49 7159 49647-67